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Time line

Explore the history of Luther College over the past 150 years and more.

The Nineteenth Century

1857 --October 10, 1857---the Norwegian Synod decided to establish an institution of higher learning with a Norwegian background in America, but first used Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (Missori Synod) having a professorship there until there was enough money to start a college. The church council that made this decision met at Washington Prairie church. (Luther College 1861-1961, p. 33)

1859 --Laur Larsen started his position as professor at Concordia Seminary on October 14, 1859. This is now recognized as Founder’s Day. (Luther College 1861-1961, p. 38-39)

1861 --September Luther opens in Halfway Creek, Wis. (LC61-61, p. 49) Beginning of the American Civil War. (more...)